Battle of the Jessicas: Who's Your Fave?

OK, admittedly there are bigger battles out there. But in our little beauty world few rage mightier than The Battle of the Jessicas: Simpson, Alba and Biel.

It's a tough one. We've shared 9 reasons to love Simpson, but Alba has an awesome fashion sense (check it out here), and Biel dated Justin Timberlake and rocks some sweet hairstyles (like these) … we could seriously go on in circles like this forever.

Because we're so divided on who reigns supreme: most stylish, sexiest, overall coolest, we're turning it over to you.

Vote now for your favorite Jessica:

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel

Tell us why you made your pick in the comments, and maybe we can put this debate to rest once and for all (ha, prob not).

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