Beauty by Bethenny: Hot Rollers for Va-Va-Voom Hair

Hair confession! Bethenny admits her full head of thin, fine hair can fall flat, especially if she hasn't shampooed for a couple of days. There's a fix for that, and you can find it almost anywhere: a five-pack of velvety-lined Conair hot rollers, which Bethenny calls "the greatest thing in life." Can't beat an endorsement like that!

Watch the video below as Bethenny demonstrates how to wrap your hair in these magic rollers and get a boost for your tresses that can only be described in Bethenny vernacular as "full-on glamorama."

Here's how Bethenny rolls:

1. Plug in and heat the rollers. Brush the front section of your hair with a paddle brush. Wrap your hair around the roller either upward or downward: "You can choose, based on what you need, whether you're going under or over. I'm going over because I need more; you're going under, you just want to kind of keep it sleek and straight -- and everyone has different hair," Bethenny says.

2. Once you've rolled the section, secure it with a plastic claw clip -- the set comes with several. "You've gotta dig one side of the clip into where your scalp is so it really stays up," she says.

3. Repeat all over your head, for a total of five sections: one in front, two on the sides of your head above your ears, and two side by side in the back, toward the base of your scalp.

4. Keep the rollers in for 15 minutes. (Hot hint: Use that time to slip into your outfit for the evening!) When time's up and your rollers are cooled down, you can spray on a moisturizing mist like Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist, one of Bethenny's favorite products -- you can also do this at the very beginning instead.

5. Carefully unfurl the rollers and finger-style your fab, voluminous curls. "Is that not a world of a difference?" she says. "Let's be serious. My hair was, like, a limp noodle… I'm in it to win it right now!" Hold your new 'do in place by spritzing on a product like Osis+ hairspray. Then, as Bethenny says, "Game on."

P.S. We LOVE that Bethenny keeps her rollers in a plastic Ziploc bag. A girl after our own heart!

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