Beauty Face Off: Would You Want to Know that You're Going to Get Cellulite?

There are some beauty debates that will rage on forever: cream or powder blush, waterproof or washable mascara. But this is a new one: the company DermaGenoma announced that it has created a genetic test that will determine your risk for cellulite.

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I excitedly mentioned it to fellow editor Jane -- who promptly replied that you'd have to be crazy to want to take a test like that. Crazy, huh? We'll see about that. To settle things we're launching our first Beauty Face Off: Cellulite Edition. I (Sarah) will be taking the pro-test position and Jane will be anti-test. At the end, you can weigh in on who you think is right.

First, our opening statements:
Sarah (Pro):
Doesn't the saying go, "knowledge is power"? If that's the case then this new test gives us all a big dose of power. Think about it, a quick trip to the doctors and you can find out if you should be stocking up on anti-cellulite cream (like these awesome ones) and modifying your diet -- or if you're totally fine to ignore all that. Personally, I hate surprises, especially those of the cottage cheese kind, so I'd want to know.

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Jane (Con): Sure, "knowledge is power," but only when it provides a way to fully resolve the issue. What's the point of blowing $250 on a test that tells you you're going to develop cellulite in the future? If it's genetic, it's going to happen anyway. And let's say you do take the test and get treatment for your looming problem. There's a good chance that it won't be a permanent fix. It might not even work at all. In this case, "knowledge is power that might not fix the situation and will only lead to more stress" (which, as this story shows, only makes things worse). I would rather not know and deal with it when it does/does not appear.

And now, our rebuttals:
Sarah (Pro):
True, if cellulite is mostly due to genetics then there isn't a whole lot you can do to stop it. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the issue: modify your diet, exercise more, start preventative treatments like laser or massage. Ideally, you'd have a healthy diet and exercise plan in place already, but I think this test could serve as an extra motivator to stay fit -- since you know what will happen if you don't. Most doctors agree that there isn't a lot you can do once cellulite pops up, but you can change your lifestyle habits to prevent/minimize it. I think it's better to know and prevent than wait until it's too late. Plus, anything that gets me to go an extra half hour on the treadmill is a plus -- for more than just cellulite prevention.

Jane (Con): If you're not already exercising regularly, I doubt the results from this test will give you further motivation to work out. There's not much you can do to wage war against your body. Habits die hard, and even though it might be motivating at first, you'll probably just resign to your fate and go back to your regular routine. What a waste. I'd rather spend the $250 on some fabulous clothes, accessories that work with my hairstyle (like these), face-shape flattering sunglasses, and a sexy blowout. Then no one will even notice the cellulite.

Now it's your turn to play jury: Which side do you agree with? Knowledge is power or ignorance is bliss?