Beauty Guru Post: Essential Summer Must Haves

It has hit 90 degrees here over the past few days. Ladies and Gentlemen, summer is here. Oh joy! (I have a love/hate relationship with summer..) With it here, that means there are some things you just must have! Now, this isn't your normal must have list. These aren't shoes or dresses, these are practical things that will actually benefit you. So here we go!

Your Six Summer Must-Haves

A Good Strapless Bra


Photo via Victoria Secret

High heat means tiny or no straps on blouses and tops. My 3 year old strapless bra has become my best friend! Don't just run in and buy one. Take your time and pick one that works for you! I needed wire support and a demi cup. Mine is from Victoria Secret and is similar to the one above. I didn't mind paying a little more for a good bra that has lasted and worked! Another option a sticky bra. One that sticks only to your boobs letting you wear backless tops and dresses. Adhesive Options: Invisible Uplift, NuBra, Push Up Perks

Sheer Undies


Photo via Target

Another necessity! Sheer undies! White pants, light colors, and sheer fabrics are beautiful in summer. Colorful panty lines are NOT! Sheer/Flesh colored underwear are the easiest way to go!

A Good Razor

Venus Razor

Photo Via All My Pretty Little Things

Never underestimate the power of a good razor. You'll have to shave less and your underarms and legs will thank you! I prefer to use a Gillette Venus Razor.

Good Lotion and Deoorant

Photo Source: Nivea, Secret

Again your skin and nose will thank you! Choose lotion that meets your skin needs and isn't greasy after application for summer! Your deodorant also needs to work for you! Are you an active girl on the go or a lucky one that only needs a little coverage. For lotion and deodorant, I use Nivea and Secret Clinical Strength.

A Pair of Good Sunglassesvougge

Photo via Sunglass Hut

Don't get me wrong! I love to buy a cheap pair for looks only. But when you find a pair with the right protection, you'll notice the difference! Not to say you need to go buy an expensive pair! Just make sure the pair you pick up offers 100% UVA and UVB protection!

Makeup with SPF

Benefit Cosmetics

Photo Source

This one should be a no brainer by now. But its not. Most makeup I buy now already has SPF in it. But when you buy look for those three little letters! Even if you aren't at the beach or pool, you're exposed to the sun. Makeup with SPF helps protect your skin when you forget. I'm currently using Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless!

There ya go! Your six summer must haves! What do you think? Do you have any to add?

Michelle, The Fierce Glamour