Beauty Guru Review: Braun Satin Hair Brush from The Fishers

Here from the Fisher Household, we are here to tell you about the Braun Satin Hairbrush and why you will never want to brush your hair without it again!

As soon as I opened the box the brush came in, placed the battery in it, and ran it through my hair I immediately was hooked. My girls literally ripped it from my hands eager to use it. The Braun Satin Hairbrush makes your hair so smooth and shiny you will see instant results. I'm not lying!

I was in dire need of a haircut when this brush graced my doorstep. You know when you need a haircut; every time you brush through it, your brush snags and rips the hair. Not with this one! With its super smooth surface, the strands of your hair glide through effortlessly. All you have to do to get this super smooth and shiny look is flip the switch on the brush. At that moment you are releasing the Active Ions into your strands. My husband says he likes getting ionized. I like when he gets ionized too. He looks so handsome and sleek.

All of my girls wanted to give you their take on the Braun Satin Hairbrush:

Sage: She likes the brush because it smoothes your hair so it doesn't look like you have a rat's nest in it. She also says it is the best brush ever and you should buy it. (She is the one holding the brush.)

Douglas: She loves this brush and steals it from my bathroom every morning. She never returns it. (She is my teenager. She is taller than I am now! When did that happen?)

Ava: She also believes this is the best brush ever and loves how silky smooth her hair looks and feels. She also says you should buy it and if you don't, suffer the consequences. (She is my youngest and yes she did say consequences.)

So there you have it! Braun Satin Hair Brush is a must have. It is perfect for on the go touch ups and will look so cute in a Christmas stocking.

Retail Price: $65

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