Beauty guru: You May Be a Product Junkie If...

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As I was doing some cleaning while watching one of my favorite shows, Hoarders, I realized just how many beauty products I have! It's insane! My bathroom counter is crazy cluttered, the basket of products under my sink is overflowing, my night table is overrun with perfumes, and my makeup bags (yes plural!) are almost bursting at the seams. And oh, I forgot to mention the ledge in my shower is decorated with products also! And yet, I always want to try the new and latest thing (and trying new things for the sake of my blog is always my justification!) I was good and did a major overhaul...but I'm not sure if it will last very long!

So I've come to the conclusion that I am a product junkie and as one, I thought it would be fun to list some of the Product Junkie tendencies. Mind you this isn't scientific, but if anything it'll give you a break from the day!

You may be a product junkie if:

  • Your bathroom counter space looks more like a Walgreens shelf then a sink
  • You have to buy one of those 3 drawer plastic storage cubes, just to organize the cosmetics that didn't fit around your sink (and shower…and in your bathroom drawers)
  • You have to decide which skin moisturizer you feel like using today
  • You have a shampoo, conditioner, and serum for every type of hair problem you've had or may have (always good to be prepared right?)
  • Your beauty stash has made its way out of the bathroom to encompass your dresser, nightstand, TV stand, and even a place in your closet
  • You walk into your drug store just for some Advil and leave out with Advil, lipstick, eyeshadow, shampoo, moisturizer, nail polish….
  • Just the thought of going to Sephora is enough to make you giddy
  • You can organize your makeup colors by season
  • If someone saw your makeup bag they would think you were a professional makeup artist
  • Your purse is just a glimpse of your Product Junky-ism

My product junkies stand up and tell me what I'm missing on my list? What is your product of choice?

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