Bebe Launches Bridal Collection Designed by “Project Runway’s” Rami Kashou

Bebe has launched a new bridal collectionBebe has launched a new bridal line, and we were skeptical until we learned "Project Runway's" draping master, Rami Kashou, designed the collection of 12 wedding gowns. Prices range from $189 to $2,500 and include many ruffles, rhinestones, feathers, taffeta, and lace. There's a Kate Middleton-esque gown with a lace bodice (classic), a jeweled plunging halter (flashy), a tiered fish tail gown (fancy), and a silk one-shoulder wrap gown (our favorite). Click here to see Rami's complete gown collection.

Bebe's velour Bridesmaid tracksuit looks a little datedBebe's velour Bridesmaid tracksuit looks a little datedBebe has also planned for all your other bridal needs. Their Bridal Essentials area includes veils, crystal headbands, teardrop earrings, facinators, lingerie, satin pumps, flower-adorned clutches, and... um... bedazzled velour tracksuits and platform flip flops?! Those items must have come via time machine from 2001. Also, who wants to pay $187 for a velour outfit that says "Bridesmaid" on it? Before you say "Britney Spears," we urge you to check out the other items, which are actually cute and extremely affordable.

Would you buy your bridal attire from a store like Bebe, or would you prefer shopping at a more traditional bridal outfitter?

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