Behind-the-Scenes Secrets: Backstage at 'Ellen'

If you caught Bethenny on "Ellen" last week, you saw her down-to-earth chat with Ellen DeGeneres and her on-trend outfit. What you didn't see is what went on backstage, before the show, in Bethenny's old stomping grounds - where she shot test episodes of her show last summer. Watch the video!

Here are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to getting ready for TV, Bethenny-style:

Barbecue Popchips make for a convenient pre-show snack. Parcel them into a cup for easy eating.

• Like a quarterback wears glare-reducing eye black for games, prepping for the screen sometimes includes collagen eye patches. One type: Lifting Anti-Age Collagen Eye Patches with Bio-Gold and Hyaluronic Acid at $15.50 for five pairs.

• Multi-tasking is a must for busy women like Bethenny. She toted along a galley copy of her upcoming must-read book, "Skinnygirl Solutions: Your Straight-Up Guide to Home, Health, Family, Career, Style, and Sex" to edit while she primped. You can pre-order it on today!

• Last but not least, practice your Skinnygirl strut! Bethenny strode out with confidence and even danced a little in her sky-high heels before taking a seat under the studio lights.

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