Best Beauty Advice Ever: Don't Let Your Foundation Wear You!

A lot of people will say their best beauty advice came from their mother but not I. I love my mother to death but some of the things she has worn and makeup choices she has made were never my cup of tea.

In the early nineties, while I was experimenting with my 'hippie look of natural makeup choices, she was still hanging onto the the 80's thought of more is more. I can still see her pictures in that day wearing eyeshadow in which her eyes looked as if they had been pummelled in a fight where she was not the winner. When I was wearing lip gloss, she was heavily lining her lips with dark liner and filling in her lips with nude color.

I love her dearly, I do but as I said, she just didn't understand the notion of allowing her 'real face' to shine. In truth, I think I taught her more about makeup than anyone.

The beast beauty advice I ever heard didn't come by anyone but by trial and error on my own. After trying unsuccessfully at keeping my makeup to look soft but staying on my face, I finally broke down and purchased base. At first I tried the liquid coverage but it never looked even and always seemed to break my skin out. Later I switched over to a potted foundation and how my life has changed, for the better!

So in summary, foundation should be thick enough to hold onto your skin but thin enough not make you look like you are wearing a mask. Please don't forget to blend either.

Cover Girl Simply Ageless is my favorite!

Happy Primping!