best beauty products tried

I love to try new beauty products but when i find one that works i share with my friends the feedback. So here goes on the following products:

Mascaras: Stiletto by Maybelline NY love it! just like my shoes...this does wonders!
Also Physicians formula" Plumping it works like magic!
"The colossal volum"express by Maybelline" thickens and makes lashes stand out"

Lip glosses: Physicians plump potion gloss, Sally Hansens Miracle care" lip saver

Shampoo: Bedhead Brunette goddess, Self aBsorbed, they smell good and leave hair silky with shine

Lotions: Bath and body" Breathe :happiness" 24/7 moisture boost , Oil of Olay quench

Ponds' face wipes with exfoliating beads

Best smelling perfumes : These i always get feedback from the guys" Paris Hilton"Paris
Escape- Calvin Klein, Heiress by Paris Hilton, Versaci "Bright crystal,

Best foundation: Bare minerals! love it doesn't appear like you have make pictures you look fabulous!

Hairspray : Paul Mitchell "Super clean medium hold
Very Sexy hair " hair spray for volume