Get the Best Shopping Deals: Know when to Buy What

Whether it's a dose of retail therapy or a spontaneous spree, shopping can easily take on a "go big, or go home" mentality. The problem? This approach may have you missing out on awesome deals, not to mention seriously damaging your bank account.

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So with the help of celebrity stylists and fashion experts, we found the best times to hit the stores and get more bang for your buck. Check out our ultimate shopping calendar so you know when to buy what throughout the year.

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Winter Coats

Winter coats first hit retail stores in August, so this is the best time to choose from the widest variety. Coats are a great investment piece and can last years, so you want to make sure to buy at a time when there is a fantastic selection. "You may not think about coats when it's boiling hot outside, but the end of summer is a prime time to buy," says celebrity stylist Keylee Sanders.

As for the best deal, hit up the stores in January. Wool coats and puffy jackets are slim pickings, but you do have a better chance of lucking out and finding an expensive coat on sale.


The best time to buy jewelry is in July and August. "These aren't considered 'gift-giving months,' and so it's a prime time to capitalize on jewelry selection and sales," says fashion stylist Jennifer Rose. "I've found some of my favorite pieces then." Avoid jewelry shops during crazy gift-giving months like December and February.


Prime lingerie-shopping months are typically January and July. This is when Victoria's Secret has their semi-annual sales, which is the best time to stock up on underwear. "It's smart to buy in bulk during these blowout lingerie sales," says fashion stylist Leila Wolford. "Keep an eye out for promotions like 'buy two bras, get one free, or '5 pairs of underwear for $25.'"

But you'll want to avoid Vicky's (and really any lingerie store) in February, when everything is marked up and quickly picked over for Valentine's Day.


You'll get plenty of mileage out of a great pair of jeans, so make sure you get the best price and selection by hunting for jeans during October. "This is the best month to buy denim, because the school rush has ended and stores have a lot of leftover inventory," says fashion stylist Colin McDonald.

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