The Best Way to Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Looking for your keys? There's no need to go scrabbling around in your tote bag.

Just add a pocket (and a cute closure) to get all the small stuff under control. With a swatch of Ultrasuede fabric, a button, and a few quick stitches, you're good to go.

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Tools and Materials
Ultrasuede soft fabric, 46 inches wide
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Craft knife and cutting mat

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1. Download tote-closure template; trace onto fabric. Cut out with scissors; fold. Sew along edges to create a pocket. Cut a vertical slit in top flap for buttonhole. Note: Ultrasuede fabric is easy to clean and doesn't fray.
2. Position pocket inside top edge of tote; stitch across back of pocket, joining it to tote. Fold pocket flap over top of bag to opposite side; mark spot where buttonhole meets fabric; sew button to bag.

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