Beyonce and Jay-Z Went to the Most Expensive Super Bowl Party of the Weekend

Richard Lawson

Beyonce and Jay-ZBeyonce and Jay-ZYou may have shelled out plenty of money for beer and chips and whatever kind of molten cheese dip you fancy, but your Super Bowl party definitely did not cost as much as the one that Jay-Z and Beyoncé went to.

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Technically this party was on Saturday night, a sort of pre-Super Bowl party, but still. Unless you paid $2 million to have music's biggest power couple perform in a specially constructed 88,000-square foot "stadium tent" that took weeks to build, then I'm sorry but your party pales in comparison. I don't know what a "stadium tent" is, whether it's 8,000 or 88,000 square feet, but it sounds expensive. And, I hate to shame you further, but if Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee, Kate Upton, and Macklemore weren't at your party, and your party wasn't at Pier 40 in Manhattan, then you just didn't have the biggest Super Bowl party of the year.

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Though, granted, you are probably not DirecTV, which is the company that sponsored the event. So don't feel too bad. You are not a major national satellite television provider, most likely, so you were never going to be able to compete. But still, I'm sure that if you could have, you would have loved Jay-Z and Beyoncé to duet on "Drunk in Love" at your party. But who's got $2 million lying around, let alone $2 million to spend on a pre-party? And besides, how much you spent isn't the point. As long as your friends had fun and you all ate and drank about 10,000 calories worth of wings and Coors Light, then your party was a success. We can't all be major corporations with deep pockets. We may wish we could be, but that's just not the way this country works. Hope you had fun, though.

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