Beyoncé rocks three tuxedos in “Love on Top” video

We're ignoring the haters who question the legitimacy of Beyoncé's baby bump and will be watching her "Love on Top" video over and over for the rest of the day. (The pregnant singer cranked out this video before she shot one for "Countdown.") We fell in love with R&B hit immediately when she performed it live at the MTV VMAs while patting her tummy, but the video brings us back to the '80s with a tribute to New Edition's "If it isn't Love" and Michael Jackson in his prime (those moves, that hat!). But our favorite part is watching the empowered female change into three different tuxedos each time she changes keys. Leave it to Beyoncé to look even more sexy in a tux than a mini skirt all while giving Mariah Carey a vocal run for her money. Check out the new video and the old school New Edition video below!

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