Beyonce sold more perfume in one month than most celebs do in a year

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesWhen it comes to perfume, women are still not tired of spritzing on celebrity fragrances. Beyonce launched her new scent, Heat, exclusively at Macy's, and 72,000 bottles flew off the shelves in one hour when the singer made an in-store appearance. Macy's has already sold $3 million of the perfume in only one month! To give you a point of reference, the New York Daily News reported that the average celebrity fragrance earned around $2.5 million in 2008. Beyonce sold more than that in 30 days!

Clearly many of you ladies were holding out for Beyonce to enter the fragrance arena. With notes of magnolia and blush peach, is Heat your favorite celebrity fragrance? [US]