Big Hair, Smoking and Record Stores: A Photo Journey of Malls in the ’80s

© Malls Across America by Michael Galinsky, courtesy Steidl www.steidl.deFor anyone who can still recall the scent of Orange Julius hot dogs and the surreal sight of indoor trees through a haze of cigarette smoke, Michael Galinsky’s 1980s photo book, “Malls Across America,” is nostalgia that's not to be missed. For folks too young to remember the glory days of malls, the 144-page collection, released in October from Steidl, is a big-haired, educational time capsule. Galinsky, now a 44-year-old Brooklyn filmmaker, was just 20 when he drove cross country with his friend and a Nikon FG-20 to shoot the oddly fascinating mall culture for his color-film project as a student at New York University. “I saw malls as art,” he tells Yahoo Shine. And now, it seems, the world will, too. See the Shine slide show here.