BIG Hair 2010-Style

Va-Va-Voluminous Hair By Kerri Winick and Andrea Krivelow

In the 80's, tresses were anything but tame! Teasing, mousse and a generous helping of hairspray- this is how women achieved the coveted "big hair" look.

Celebrity hairstylist Philip Pelusi says, women today still crave va-va-volume, but there's a more modern way to set the style. Put away the scrunchies and the Aqua Net. Here are Philip Pelusi's tips for achieving hair with height in 2010:

When it comes to volume…

Volume really never goes out of fashion, but it is the type of volume or
the finish on the hair that goes "in" and "out" of style. (For example, either a soft or a crunchy finish.) Some amount of volume really compliments anyone. If someone wants to look younger, thick and voluminous hair helps achieve that. If someone wants to look alluring and sexy, voluminous hair does that, as well.

When it comes to bangs…

Steer clear of short, puffy bangs, a "too crunchy" finish, or too stiff/evenly curled hair. To have modern "big" hair, bangs can be softly swept to the side, but don't style shorter bangs in the big rounded shape that truly belongs in the 1980's. Also, keep hair on the soft side. Steer clear of hardening mousses or gels.

When it comes to curls and waves…

Make curls and waves uneven to be modern, curling them in different sizes and in different directions. Make sure the curls stay touchable and movable. Avoid "helmet hair." Look for more modern products that are resin free. Resins are what create that stiff look and feel to the hair.

Creating Big Hair in 2010

1.) Use a Volumizing Conditioner and Shampoo: Volumizing products (such as the P2 InCrease Volumizze Shampoo and Conditioner- $29.95) are formulated not to weigh hair down and to build texture and strength. Be careful to apply conditioner only to ends.

2.) Give Your Roots a Boost: Apply a root lifter before blowdrying, from midshaft to root (try Mod di Phy Define Root Lift Volumize Spray - $21.95).

3.) Blow Dry For "Oomph": Lift sections of hair toward the sky as you blow dry, directing hot air toward your scalp.

4.) Don't Blow Dry Upside Down: To keep volume modernized, do not flip your head over.

5.) Back-Brush Instead of Tease: Instead of teasing your tresses with a comb, use a flat-backed brush, which will damage your hair less.

6.) Mist Hairspray: Heavy hairspray is more likely to weigh hair down instead of give it volume. Spritz hairspray in to the air and walk through it (try Mod di Phy Fluid Shaping & Finishing Spray- $19.95).


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