Are Big Moves in the Works for Rachel Zoe?

Are there big plans in the works for Rachel Zoe and co.?

It's no secret that Rachel Zoe and her ever-growing company are expanding by leaps and bounds, so when we saw an oh-so-intriguing tweet from our fave celebrity stylist last night it gave us pause:

"In a design meeting with @JeremiahBrent for my new office space!" She exclaimed following an Instagram pic of the two pouring over some blueprints and samples.

Obviously this piqued our interest since 1., Zoe and her company just upgraded to a new space not too long ago, and 2., Brent's exact role with Zoe has been foggy at best. (For those of you that follow her Bravo TV show, you know the handsome designer was originally hired as a stylist, but quickly fell into a pseudo interior decorator role when it became clear where his real talents lay.)

Brent's own tweets on the matter just made it all the more titillating. "Sooo excited! Some amazing design projects happening in the @rzrachelzoe world!" he teased just hours after his boss' message. Does this mean Brent's focus will stay on decorating Zoe's world in the perfunctory white and chrome she craves, or should we expect some SICK RZ home goods to hit the market sooner rather than later?

Come on Rach, don't keep us in suspense. God knows we're all for some killer bedding or a sophisticated candle or two to add some illumination to this whole delicious mystery.


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