Bling Ring: Five of the Most Famous Shoplifting Scandals Ever

by Natalie Matthews

I've been thinking about the Bling Ring a lot lately, not just because it comes out on Friday or because it marries two of my favorite things (Sofia Coppola and awkward, early '00s fashion). It's just that I can't get over the notion that these kids actually thought that stealing from Hollywood's biggest names was somehow a good idea. It's completely nonsensical-but then again, so is the fact that some of the people on those kids' hit list have actually been caught or accused of stealing themselves, too.

And these celebrities: even when they have loads of money to buy all the Balenciaga totes and Tom Ford sunglasses they could ever want, they stole (or were accused of stealing) the strangest things, like fancy socks and super-cheap hairnets. What gives?

Click through to see the five of the most notorious shoplifting scandals in recent history.

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