What His Boardshorts Say About Him

Decode a guy by what he wears to the beach.Decode a guy by what he wears to the beach.Scoping a guy's swim trunks can help you size up his...boyfriend potential. (Wait, what'd you think we were going to say?)

By Annie Daly

1. A Solid Dark Color

ABOUT THE SUIT: He could've gone bright, bold-anything but plain. His simple pick shows that he's a traditionalist at heart.

ABOUT THE SUITOR: He'll be reliable and loyal as your main man, so going on real dates will be the status quo, not worthy of a status update. But he's not very spontaneous, so your time with him could get routine.

2. A Tropical Pattern

ABOUT THE SUIT: Pura vida, baby. As his island suit shows, he keeps the carefree vibes (and probably the tequila) a-flowin'.

ABOUT THE SUITOR: He'll bring a relaxed "whatever, man" outlook to your relationship. But he could be too perma vacay and not really worth your salt in the long run. Better save it for your margarita glass!

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3. A Tight Euro-Style Pair

ABOUT THE SUIT: If he's European, it's a cultural thing. If not? He's so comfortable in his skin that he wants to show it all off.

ABOUT THE SUITOR: He's likely a gym rat. And while you won't complain about his ripped abs, he may be too focused on his body to ever enjoy a splurge with you (or worse, he'll shame you about your nacho habit).

4. A Pop of Bright Neon

ABOUT THE SUIT: Hitting the beach wearing a tasteful hint of highlighter conveys that this guy has a discreet wild streak.

ABOUT THE SUITOR: He'll throw in random thrills, like a surprise trip or a hot "that just happened" move in bed. Translation? He's not too flashy, not too boring-so in the Goldilocks test of BFs, he could be just right.

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5. A Fun Cartoonish Print

ABOUT THE SUIT: If he's strutting around with cartoons on his crotch, his worldview may match his trunks-goofy and kidlike.

ABOUT THE SUITOR: Dating him means no shortage of fun (hope you like silly dance moves). But he could be too immature to handle serious life situations like a grown-up. Unless you bribe him with Cocoa Puffs.

6. A Pink or Purple Shade

ABOUT THE SUIT: Conformist he is not-this guy's comfortable going outside the mainstream. In fact, he digs the attention.

ABOUT THE SUITOR: You'll certainly never have to worry that you're dating a doormat dud. But his quirky thinking could get annoying if you want the traditional trappings of romance, like red roses on a date.

SOURCE: Jennifer Baumgartner, PsyD, author of You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You

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