Boxed Wine Disguised as a Cute Purse: Genius Idea or Totally Nuts?

Break out your vino glasses, because it's happy hour somewhere … especially if you've got the new wine purse. Intrigued? Thought so. Swedish brand Vernissage's "bag-in-a-bag" of wine is actually a box of wine, shaped like a handbag. Leave it to the Swedes.

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Now, I'm no wine snob -- I'm not above Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's -- but I've always associated boxed wine with elderly aunts who spend their afternoons playing bridge, dusting their "knickknack racks," and drinking Franzia like it's tap water. But, this chic wine purse was actually created for fashionistas.

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And I'll admit it, the notion of toting around a large quantity of wine in a convenient (and cute!) carryall without the tacky stigma attached to boxed wine is appealing. But most importantly, the wine is good! A massive 3-liter bag will run you about $40 and is filled with French wine from Vin de Pays d'Oc.

So before you start rolling your eyes at the idea of boxed wine masquerading as a purse, just think of all the amazing uses. You can be that girl that gets the party started with none other than … a handbag. And this amazing invention eliminates inconvenient trips to refill your wine glass. Simply open your purse's spout and top off your drink. Genius.

What do you think? Would you buy a high-fashion wine purse?

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