Brow Shapes: The Best For Your Face

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Love your face that much more with these brow-beautifying tips.

A wise man (i.e. celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine) once advised me that the key to showing really good face is to have amazing looking brows at all times. Being that Fine is responsible for creating fabulous looks for glamour girls like Jennifer Hudson and Vanessa Williams, it's very easy for a beauty junkie such as myself to immediately start freaking out and plucking my eyebrows. This is a really bad idea, considering that when I pluck I tend to take off way too much.

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In fact, it was this very mistake that led me to Stark Waxing Studio NYC and into the hands of brow expert Lura Jones. After quickly shaping my brows to perfection, she said that one of the biggest mistakes most women make is trying to groom their own brows at home. While this may be true (yeah, I was walking EXHIBIT A), what about those that have been plucking away for years? There is definitely a method to this eyebrow taming madness. Much like the tips I gave you to heed before chopping your locks, the key is to pay close attention to the shape of your face.

Here's the guide you should stick to before grooming your brows, courtesy of eyebrow threading guru Shobha:

Round Shape

If you have a round face, stick to keeping your brows looking arched and angular.

Angular Shape

If you have an angular face, then your brows should be more rounded and soft.

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Long Shape

If your face is longer, your brows should be more horizontal with a more distant arch that is closer to the tail end of your brows.

Wide Shape

If your face is wider, your brows can help to make your face look longer if you have a higher, more centered arch.

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