8 Things You Can Buy This Summer that Give Back

8 Ways to Shop for a Cause8 Ways to Shop for a CauseI'm often asked how we, as relatively blessed American families, can raise kids that have hearts for those in need. Unfortunately, I don't have the answers, but I do have some ideas of what works for us. One thing our family does is when we buy things, we try to find the options that give back in some way to people in need or to causes we believe in.

Sure, there are those who say that some companies just give back as a gimmick or all proceeds should go to charity or this or that … I've heard it all before. What matters to me is that the end result benefits someone or something that needs it. If we need to buy something, it's easy to choose a product that makes the world a little better. Check out these 8 simple ways to shop for a cause.

WWF Pewter EarringsWWF Pewter Earrings1. World Wildlife Fund Pewter Earrings

All proceeds from these beautiful earrings not only go towards WWF, but the electricity used to create, package, and market is also 100% renewable. What a great way to accessorize!

Buy these earrings

Bead for Life BraceletBead for Life Bracelet2. Bead for Life Bracelet

Who wouldn't want this gorgeous bracelet? It's made by Ugandan women whose lives are greatly enriched from the sales - social entrepreneurship at its best.

Buy this bracelet

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TOMS ShoesTOMS Shoes3. TOMS Shoes

For every pair purchased, TOMS will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for one. Now that's a bang for your buck where it's really needed.

Buy these shoes

Mercy Me and Hello Somebody PartnershipMercy Me and Hello Somebody Partnership4. Mercy Me and Hello Somebody Watch

Buy an album from band Mercy Me and receive a Hello Somebody watch. Hello Somebody provides sustainable projects and care to children in need. How cool is that?

Buy this album and watch

Feed the Hungry Peppermint MintsFeed the Hungry Peppermint Mints5. Feed the Hungry Peppermint Mints

Sometimes charity comes in the oddest partnerships and packages, like these peppermint vanilla sugar-free mints made in the USA and packaged in recycled plastic test tube-like containers. For every 12 tubes sold, seven meals are provided to needy US communities.

Buy these mints

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SevenlySevenly6. Sevenly T-Shirts

The charities rotate, the social good doesn't. Every week a chunk of each sale from these shirts goes toward a different more-than-worthy cause.

Buy these shirts

Same Sky Glass Beaded BraceletSame Sky Glass Beaded Bracelet7. Same Sky Glass-Beaded Bracelet

Rwandan women crochet these glass-beaded bracelets and sign each one. What more do you need to prove we're all under the same sky?

Buy this bracelet

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Roma RainbootsRoma Rainboots8. Roma Rainboots

Fashion + charity = socially responsible business model. Roma designs and sells rain boots, and their subsidiary Roma for All distributes boots to poor children living in need.

Buy these rainboots

- By Alli Worthington

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