Cambodian Rhapsody


Is this picture worth $10 million? That's how much Louis Vuitton paid Angie for posing in Cambodia, in her own VL tote (no longer in production but may be reissued) and clothes, without makeup. I buy that the clothes and tote are hers, since we've seen her wear things like this and carrying this tote lots of times but the no makeup thing is too much of a stretch. Radiant natural beauty, sure. Minimal makeup, okay. But eye shadow doesn't just magically appear, even on Angie. I do like that she chose to shoot this in a country that has significant meaning for her, connects to Mad and her charity work as well as her UN commitment to refugees. A portion of her fee went to charity, something we've come to expect with her but I still applaud. Is the publicity worth the price? It's not VL is hurting and they've already had celebs in their ads (Bono, Sean Connery, Keith Richards) but this seems to be a great fit for them since it's someone who's already a fan of theirs, and who manages to generate megawatt publicity for everything she does.