Can one wear tie-dye without looking like a hippie?

Unless you are a regular Phish show attendee or work in a bookstore/cafe in Burlington, Vermont, tie-dye can be more than a little scary. It just makes such a strong statement--one that you might not want in your everyday life. Despite this, I'm in Los Angeles this week and, out of nowhere, really craving tie-dye. However, I'm trying to be specific with this craving, choosing my color palettes carefully and finding shapes that will actually flatter my body, not swallow me up in a rainbow. With that in mind, I love the deep shades of this cotton scarf, and there's something very painterly and pretty about this lively little tee--I'd wear it with narrow jeans, a cardigan, and off-white Chucks. Also, call me crazy, but I think boots, a belt, and a blazer could turn this airy-fairy caftan dress into something amazing.

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