Caption This: Dog With A Pink Feather Cape Needs Your Help Describing His Personal Hell

[CAPTION MADE OF FUNNY THINGS FROM YOUR BRAINS HERE] (Michael Nagle/Getty Images)Welcome to Caption This, a new feature where we provide the ridiculous news photo and you provide the caption. Think of it as a drain for your excess creative juices, or a way to kill five minutes during your commute.

Every Monday we'll post an image. You can leave your suggested caption in the comments section, on our Facebook page or via tweet @yahooshine #captionthis. We'll select our favorite entry and announce the winner ever Friday. What do you win, you ask? Props--not the kind you store in a costume closet, but the kind your store on a shelf inside your ego.

Consider this photo your first challenge. The original caption reads pretty straight: "Participants in the New York Pet Fashion Show line up backstage at Hotel Pennsylvania." 

We know you can do better than that.