Would You Carry This Hairy Handbag?

Photo courtesy of WWD.comPhoto courtesy of WWD.comBy Alison Syrett, Lucky magazine

While making my morning sweep of fashion blogs and favorite e-tailers, I stumbled across this furry bag from Louis Vuitton. It's so fun to look at-I just had to share.

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Although I'm not sure if I'd carry it around in real life, I still think it's sort of charming in a like a Pekingese-like way. Marc Jacobs might be on to something here: Since most Hollywood starlets carry around puppies small enough to fit inside their oversized handbags, perhaps they should just carry a dog-like satchel instead. It is just as soft and cute and would get into much less trouble on set.

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What do you guys think? A carryall you can brush-yay or nay?

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