Celeb beauty disasters (and how to avoid making them yourself)

If you thought celebrities always looked perfect, well, think again. Even with their expert teams of makeup artists, hairstylists, and ample time and money set aside for personal grooming, everyone experiences a beauty faux pas once in a while. Here are the top blunders we've seen on the red carpet, how to avoid making them yourself, and easy ways to fix them on the fly.

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Lindsay Lohan's blotchy fake tan

Though summer is over, many people try to maintain their sunkissed look for a few months. If your self-tanner application is orange-y and uneven, exfoliate with a loofah to remove excess product. Soak in a warm bath and rub a sliced lemon over blotchy skin--the citric acid will loosen the pigment. If you're in a hurry, try using a bronzer or tinted moisturizer to even things out.

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Jennifer Lopez's unfortunate beehive

We still love Jenny from the block, but she's made some odd styling choices lately. Like this Marge Simpson-inspired 'do. A smaller chignon would have been a great way to showcase her one-shoulder dress, but this is just too weird. While all press may be good press for J.Lo, you don't want hideous photos to haunt you on Facebook. If you're trying something really out there and experimental, get a second opinion before heading out the door.

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Taylor Momsen's raccoon eyes

Heavily lined lids is an edgy look, but this "Gossip Girl" looks like she has two black eyes and there's nothing appealing about that! While the know-it-all teen probably won't listen to our advice, we'd like to advise our readers to keep dark eyeshadow above the eye, and to go for a softer, smokey effect layering in lighter shades as well. But we're not worried about you guys making this mistake at home unless perhaps you're a rebellious teenager.

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Nicole Kidman's face powder snafu

Shhh... no one tell Nicole that she has powder all over her face! We're not sure how exactly the actress ended up on the red carpet for her film premiere looking like this, but let it be a lesson to you. Not all makeup looks the same under a camera flash! Many bronzers have intense shimmer, and an eyeshadow that looked pretty inside may transform outdoors, so apply cosmetics in natural light whenever possible. On the fly, be sure to keep a compact mirror in your purse. Sometimes even a top-notch makeup artist can't be trusted!

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Courtney Love's smeared lipstick

We know it's her signature, but wouldn't it be awesome if Ms. Love's lipstick was properly applied and in the lines for once? Here's a tip: anytime you're wearing a high-pigment color and looking for longevity be sure to line and fill in your lips with a pencil of the same shade. Then coat with lipstick, and don't forget to blot. If you're already out and your lipstick is giving you trouble, rub it off carefully with a napkin and go over your lips with your trusty gloss. There should be enough pigment left that the look seems deliberate.

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Sarah Jessica Parker's bruise

SJP walked the red carpet in a stunning Narciso Rodriguez dress and shoes that would make Dorothy Gale jealous, but we couldn't take our eyes off her massive bruise. If you're going to be photographed, you need to cover up those boo-boos with neutralizing concealer (i.e. use yellow makeup over blue bruises or green-tinted makeup if the blemish is red). Then set the area with powder. For a quick fix: wear opaque tights.

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Christina Aguilera's uneven bangs

We can't blame the singer for pouting--someone did a real bang-up job on her bangs. If you're trimming your own bangs at home, cut only a little bit at a time and step back from the mirror to make sure you aren't overdoing it. If the damage has already been done, there are ways to cope till they grow out. You can wear your bangs messy with a bed-head inducing pomade in them to distract from a bad cut, or pin them back or to the side so they blend in with your hair.

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Cameron Diaz's shiny face

Dewy skin is cool, but no one should be able to see their reflection in your forehead. Avoid heavy creams on your face, which will trap moisture, and be sure to dust on a light powder before you leave the house. Stash some handy blotting papers in your purse and dab carefully so as not to smear your makeup.