Celeb Halloween Costumes to Steal

Haven't decided on a Halloween costume yet? It's crunch time, but don't panic. And definitely don't cop out and reach for the cat ears or witch hat, like you did last year. Instead, take a cue from celebs. We look to them for fashion advice, so why not turn to them for the ultimate day of dress up?

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We've rounded up our favorite celeb Halloween costumes of all time to help get your creative juices flowing. So which rocker dressed as Cinderella? And which female singer wore a mustache as part of her look? Scroll down to find out.

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Heidi Klum

Known as the unofficial Queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum hosts a huge Halloween bash every year in New York City. We love that she always goes as something outrageous and terrifying, instead of sweet and sexy. But Klum really outdid herself when she went as a skinless body last year. Our first reaction? Ew! But also ... kinda cool. So how'd she pull it off? She wore a bodysuit painted with muscles and tendons, and then her face was airbrushed by special effects makeup artist Bill Corso.

Gwen Stefani

Instead of a pumpkin coach, Gwen Stefani rolled up to a Beverly Hills Halloween party last year in a Bentley. She made a picture-perfect Cinderella in a powder blue gown, matching eye shadow, and of course her signature blonde hair. Plus, Stefani had her own Prince Charming in the form of Gavin Rossdale.

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Aw, B is a bee. Get it? Very cute. Beyonce made a darling bumblebee during a party in New York City last year. And although her yellow and black fur mini dress covered her baby bump, she was actually pregnant with Blue Ivy at the time.

Alyson Hannigan

How adorable is Alyson Hannigan and her family of kangaroos? Hannigan and her hubby went trick-or-treating in 2009 as baby (or rather, "joey") Satyana rode in her mom's pouch. And major props to husband Alexis Denisof for pairing his kangaroo head with a white linen suit. Very chic.

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