Celebrities Who Abuse the $50k Bag

It would be shocking to purchase a $50,000 handbag in good economic times, so imagine how hard our jaws hit the floor when we saw how these celebrities have been treating their Hermes Birkin bags during the recession. While the rest of the world is clipping coupons, see which celebs have been treating their uber fancy French tote as if it were a $20 knock off.

Lady Gaga An Hermes Birkin Bag isn't just a purse, it's a lifestyle. At around $50,000, most people can't afford a Birkin, but leave it to your favorite celebrities to attain, adorn, and abuse the iconic accessory. Lady Gaga graffitied one of hers on a trip to Japan, while Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs, and Lindsay Lohan bring a Birkin where no Birkin should ever be.

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Kim Kardashian
Kim K is spotted all over New York and L.A. toting her black Hermes handbag as a gym accessory. If you do the math, that means she could pay for 50 years of her gym membership with what she spent on her gym bag. If only she knew some professional athletes who could educate her in gym etiquette.

Kim Kardashian
Kim gets gussied up for basketball games, but if you can manage to see passed her over-the-knee suede boots and shawl that 12 Muppets had to die for, you will notice another one of Kim's many Birkins nestled gently on the floor of a basketball court, getting kicked by her publicist's sneakers. Considering that handbag costs more than courtside Lakers tickets, may we suggest springing for its chair next time.

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Jessica Simpson
She probably thought it was a giant Cheeto. We kid. But seriously, no finely crafted piece of French fashion should be subjected to anyone's morning breath.

Victoria Beckham
When the L.A. Galaxy recruited David Beckham in 2007, soccer fans worried that the U.K. import would only bring insane spectacle and a diva attitude... and they hadn't even met his wife. Here's Victoria Beckham supporting her hubby by dropping a pink ostrich Birkin Bag on a soccer field.

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