Celebs Hawking T-Shirts: The Latest Trend?

It's official: The T-shirt is having a moment -- and the celebs have noticed. In fact, they're cashing in on this latest trend. First, there was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's line of $30 staple tees for StyleMint.com. Then, Gwyneth Paltrow unveiled her $90 white T-shirt for the Goop Collection (and the Twittersphere exploded with outrage). Now, Jennifer Lopez has launched an interactive, T-shirt-only e-commerce website.

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It's called Teeology.com and the website allows members to vote on luxury T-shirts created by different designers. The shirts with the most votes go into immediate production. (They retail for around $30.) And the website features a permanent collection of Pima cotton basics for both men and women.

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Siamese Dream T-Shirt by Jacqui Gellar, $29.50Siamese Dream T-Shirt by Jacqui Gellar, $29.50 While we love our favorite comfy T-shirts, we're a bit confused as to why anyone would pay $30 for a T-shirt. (We're not even going to touch on the $90 one.) The designs from Lopez's collection look like the ones you'd find on the racks at Forever 21 … only at Forever21 you'd pay a third less. And with the microscopic lifespan of a simple, white T-shirt -- thanks to stains, pulls, pills, etc. -- we think it makes more sense to hit up Target than a celeb's e-commerce site.

What do you think? Are you into the celebrity T-shirt trend? Will you join the Teeology website?

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