Celebs with the Best Hair Color in Every Shade

We talked to top colorists to find out which blondes, brunettes, reds and blacks look most modern. Plus, here's some celebrity inspiration for every hair color.
The Best Blondes: What's Modern Now

Above: Diane Kruger, Claire Danes, Diane Sawyer

"Allover soft, golden blonde that is multidimensional and not brassy looks current," says Kelly Van Gogh. Our experts agree that replicating the blonde you had as a child is always flattering. But don't overhighlight, which often causes hair to look dry and brittle, making you appear older. Van Gogh advises using color that contains shine-enhancing ingredients.

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The Best Brunettes: What's Modern Now
Above: Sandra Bullock, Rachel Weisz, Leighton Meester

Kim Vo likes "reverse ombré. Think dark chocolate roots swept into gold tips," while Christopher John recommends "translucent shades ranging from cool sable to luscious chocolates, always avoiding dark ends." Van Gogh warns against "chunky, too-light highlights, which make you look dated."

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The Best Reds: What's Modern Now
Above: Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Debra Messing

"Red hair can be brighter than natural, but it must always have copper undertones," explains Louis Licari. "Avoid shades with too much violet or purple," says Van Gogh, which "may make your hair look fake." John suggests "sparkling ginger auburns, rich coppers, and, for drama, deep reds."

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The Best Dark Browns/Rich Blacks: What's Modern Now
Above: Courteney Cox, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry

John says, "Black shades should follow one important rule: shine, shine, shine! Matte is never flattering." Sharon Dorram agrees, adding, "It should be a lacquered mink color rather than an old-fashioned blue black." Bottom line? "Avoid too much red or blue in the shade," Van Gogh says.

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