Christy Turlington Talks Feeling Sexy

The gorgeous Christy Turlington is the face of Avon's new scent, Step into Sexy. With that in mind, we chatted with her about how to look and feel your sexiest.

Real Beauty: With so much going on, how do you take time feel sexy?

Christy Turlington: I'm lucky because most of the stuff that I do makes me feel good, too. I'm a yoga practitioner. I run. I spend time with my kids. These things all give me energy. Every now and again, though, I do pamper myself. I'll get a massage or go to the spa. It's a nice treat, but it's hard to find the time when you're doing so many other things.

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RB: What about looking sexy?

CT: Ha. Well, I don't often feel all that sexy. I was excited to have an excuse to dress up tonight. When you've had the same partner for a long time, and you have kids, it's important to remember that a little bit of effort goes a long way. I feel better when I throw on a pair of heels or a little bit of lipstick. But, like most women, I just need to remind myself to do it.

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RB: And how have your travels for both modeling and philanthropic work affected your idea of beauty?

CT: Beauty is so much more than what's physical. Strength is beautiful to me. When I see a woman that's empowered, she has a radiance and self-possession that every woman should be lucky enough to have. What's heartbreaking is when you see people who don't have access to human rights, but even in the most dire situations, there are moments of hope.

RB: What's the sexiest thing you've ever seen a friend do?

CT: My sister just moved here from California. She has four kids and has never had the cosmopolitan experience before. But she takes time and goes out and utilizes the city. And she enjoys it! I'm like 'How do you have the energy?' But it just energizes her. She's always been all about her children, and now that they're starting to get settled, she's taking time to feel good for herself. That's an achievement!

RB: What about you? Do you have cities you've thought were particularly sexy?

CT: Marrakech. It's so dark, and there are so many scents-you smell amber, fire, spices-and outside the markets are just corridors with doors. You can't tell if a little family lives behind the door, or if it's the entrance to a palace. I was in Venice recently for my anniversary, and it was the same thing. It's not well lit and walking the little roads is like being in a maze. But you ultimately spill out into a sunny courtyard. There's something sexy about getting lost.

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