Update a Classic White Shirt with This Easy DIY Idea

Button-up upgradeA classic, crisp white shirt is a no brainer when trying to figure out what to wear in the morning... It's pretty much appropriate for all times and situations. But sometimes you may just want that little bit extra, the surprise effect within that proper attire.

So we thought of a few ideas for how you can update that white shirt in your closet (or, it is even worth buying a new one for).

You can find three ideas in our January issue of Martha Stewart Living, but here is one for Rosettes along the neck of your button down.

The flowers are very simple to make; no machine is necessary and a couple of hours later you have a new 'no brainer' for your closet.

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Rosettes How-To:

1) Tear the fabric, selvage to selvage into strips, and cut to these sizes: 1 by 9 inches, 1 1/2 by 10 inches, and 2 by 11 inches. (Make as many as desired; the shirt shown here has 18 on the front, shoulder, and upper back.)

2) For each rosette, start on a long side, and hand-sew a loose running stitch, gathering all the fabric onto the needle as you go.

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3) Pinching gathered fabric, push needle out, and pull thread taut. Backstitch to hold gathers in place.

4) Bring the short ends of the fabric together, right sides facing, and sew closed; backstitch a couple of times to secure.

5) Stitch to shirt as desired - just a few rosettes give the shirt a bit of an edge, but nearly 20 of them, as shown here, dress it up even more.

Perfect shirt, in Optic White, $50, gap.com.

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