Classroom Couture: Valentine's Day Friendship Necklaces

Try something different this Valentine's Day.Try something different this Valentine's Day.Trading handmade jewelry never goes out of style, especially when hearts and glitter are involved! This is a crafty idea my daughter loves, and it's well-suited for a classroom party. Gather some friends, small pieces of wood, paint, glitter and beads and have a necklace-making session. Everyone can make two or three pieces, and then trade them with each other!

What You'll Need

Small wood pieces with pre-drilled holes (found at the craft store)
White craft glue
Embroidery floss, yarn, or ribbon
Craft paint and brushes
Crystals, glitter, small flowers

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1. Choose the paint colors for your wood pieces. I made mine themed for Valentine's Day, so I used different shades of pink and red - but you can also add in orange or purple - whatever colors you want.

2. Use the brush to paint the pieces. Let dry completely. Once the base coat is finished, add a contrasting color around the edge.

3. I used a different design for each necklace. For the one at bottom in the photo above, I coated the wood piece with glue and then used a crayon to pick up tiny crystals and set them to spell LOVE.

4. I also had mini-paper rosettes that were just the right color and size! I used the rosettes to form the shape of a heart for the necklace in the center of the image.

5. The pendant in the upper-right is trimmed in glue and then glitter. I used letter beads in the center. You could do the same to spell out names or words.

6. Cut a piece of ribbon or cording long enough to make a necklace, and tie it through the holes at the top of the pendants.

-By Kathy Cano-Murillo

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