Clear Your Morning…H&M E-Commerce is Now LIVE!!!

By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29

UPDATE: Dreams do come true. Live in all 50 states as of this morning, you can now shop H&M's website, which also means that for the upcoming Isabel Marant collaboration, you'll be able to forgo the freezing sidewalks in favor of your warm bed.

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The e-commerce experience will include women's, plus-size, men's, teens, and children, and exclusive "online-only" items you won't even be able to find at the NYC flagship. Additional - ready for this? - H&M home will also be available (GAAAAH!), which is something you can't even find in stores in the States. But wait - there's more! The Paris Fashion Week collection wares will be exclusively pre-offered on H& on August 22 (the show itself will take place in September…how's that for efficiency?).

To celebrate, H&M is kicking off a user-generated contest called "50 States of Fashion," in which they'll search for the top "H&M look" based on your Instagram (check out the entries, here).

H&M, we hold no grudges. Harbor no resentments. Even though it took you a million years to finally embrace e-commerce, we're here for you. Now excuse us for a couple hours. We're busy.

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