Coming Soon: Find it Fridays!

Fashion Detective Joanna Douglas reporting for duty!When it comes to shopping, I'm less impulse buyer and more jungle cat stalking and ambushing my prey. I know exactly what I'm looking for and I will not stop hunting until it is mine. Over the years many friends have enlisted my fashion detective skills, and I've decided to offer up my services to Yahoo! Shine readers every week for my new column: Find it Fridays.

Are you looking for a purple bridesmaid dress that you really, truly could wear again? Seeking some cute, comfortable red flats that aren't too pointy for under $50? Need a clutch to match a specific dress for a formal event that's big enough to hold all your essentials? Sadly having to replace your stained and worn-to-death favorite t-shirt? Email with your budget, size, and a description of the elusive item and I'll track down five great options for select Shine readers on Fridays! (If you're feeling extra lazy you can also leave your request in the comments below.) I'm also hoping to get readers involved in the search A) because it's fun and B) because a little fashion karma never hurt anybody. Start sending submissions now--I am ready for the challenge.

See you on Friday!

UPDATE: Check out the first edition of Find it Fridays by clicking here.