Coming soon: Vera Wang for David’s Bridal!

Vera WangVera WangI have a confession to make: my whole life I have been really into wedding dresses (and I'm not even engaged). I know I am not alone, but I think it's fascinating that many women think as much about the dress as the man that will be standing beside her saying "I do." Of course, when it comes to selecting a wedding dress, one factor weighs supreme: the price. That said, Vera Wang, the bridal industry's go-to designer for high-end gowns may have made some very happy brides-to-be: she will be launching a collection for David's Bridal. Talk about an awesome designer collaboration!

Every year, Vera Wang has a sample sale in New York City, and many women fly in for the sale, camp out overnight, and fight their way for dramatically discounted bridal wear. While her average dresses retail for $4,000 to $25,000, lucky sample sale shoppers may walk out with a gown for $1,000. An amazing deal, right? But early next year, customers will be able to shop Wang's collection for David Bridal, which will range from $600 to $1,500. Wang says she will stick to using many of the same high-end fabrics she works with in her regular line. The initial collection will feature about 20 gowns in sizes zero to 30.

Really, this is the best of both worlds. In today's economy, those who once considered David's Bridal a tacky mecca of dyed satin and taffeta will no be able to get a designer gown for less. And those of us who have only looked on at Wang's dresses from afar can now attain them without breaking the bank or being a size two. Woohoo!

David's Bridal president Mario Grauso validates this point. "Our modern girls are not going to be turned off because we do something less expensive," Grauso told WWD. "That's not something people today are embarrassed by." Thank goodness, because there's no way you could get me to spend thousands on a dress I'm only wearing once! [WWD]