A Conversation with Dark Pony's Jon Herchert

Jon Herchert knew what to name his musical outlet right off the bat, thinking about his family history. "My father flew helicopter in Vietnam. He flew with the 'Dark Horse' unit, hence the name Dark Pony. It's like the ultimate underdog. There's a depth to my songs that can resonate with anyone willing to deal with some of the honest reality of their own relationships."Jon Herchert of Dark Pony

"This is my first solo release, but I think the biggest change since I began is knowing how to control my voice better - being aware of it's strengths and weaknesses. I've been using voice memos on my iPhone. If I have a lyric or melody, I will quickly record it, and every couple of weeks, I'll go through and upload everything to see what sticks and delete the rest. I normally write on guitar but occasionally will move to piano or bass for something different. My wife has been the biggest inspiration to me. For her to look past my mood swings, traveling, minimal income and ego ups and downs and still be my best friend and always being committed to creating a habitat of love - that's all the inspirado this guy needs."

"This record was tracked at my personal studio. Most songs were cut live with drummer and BFF Matt Novachis, and then I would expand on them and overdub. I played guitar, bass, keys, and I produced, engineered, and mixed it. Which ultimately means I controlled, obsessed, and lost my mind making it," Herchert, the band's lead singer, says.

When he gets out of the recording booth, maybe it'll be time to challenge Bobby Flay to a duel. "I'm a do it yourself, creative, Renaissance type. I love to cook. I make homemade pastas at least once a week, and I am always game for braising some meats and inviting some friends over to share in the feast. I am also huge into crafts. At a young age my grandma and ma taught me to sew, sculpt, paint and draw."


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