Costco selling $1 million diamond ring

Costco's new $1 million diamond ring. Courtesy of Costco.Costco's new $1 million diamond ring. Courtesy of Costco.Recently Costco entered the bridal market, selling fancy wedding dresses from $699 to $1,399, and we just couldn't wrap our minds around it. Sure, one stop shopping is great, but do you really want to buy your wedding gown from the same place you buy your socks and mac & cheese in bulk? Plus, $1,399 is a LOT to spend on a wedding dress and you could probably get a nice designer one for that price.

Sorry Costco. You're just not the place we think of when it comes to luxury goods. Which is why our jaws dropped when we saw that Costco is now selling a 6.77 ct diamond solitaire ring for $1,000,000. Yes. One million dollars. The engagement ring comes only in a size 7 and cannot be re-sized in the store.

We're no diamond experts, so we're assuming the IF Clarity, D Color Diamond Solitaire Ring is worth the hefty price tag. But again, when shelling out that kind of dough, maybe you want to buy the diamond ring from Tiffany, Harry Winston, Cartier, or De Beers. You know, a place reputable for selling diamonds as opposed to their buy-two-get-one-free deals. Costco has been selling diamonds since 2005 (though their priciest to date was a $180,000 yellow diamond) and the company says they have a team of "Graduate Gemologists" who inspect the diamonds for the four C's, but we'd just as soon take our million bucks elsewhere. You know, um, if we had $1 million to spend on one piece of jewelry.

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