The Cover-UP

Now while I don't begrudge anyone in this economy for trying to find that one good idea that can make them the next successful entrepeneur, I do feel as though there is a contradiction that goes along with it. Now presumably Sara Blakely took $5,000.00 and came up with the idea of "Spanx". Now reportedly the company is supposedly worth upwards of over $250 million. Now in reading about M's Blakely's tenacity and perserverance, I applaud her for both by the way, she states she designed the undergarments for a blemish-free look under white pants. Now fast forward to over 200 products that range from slimming apparel to swimsuits, activewear and Men's undershirts. Now in this image concious society where musicians and actors lose dramatic amounts of weight some for red carpets or photo-ops or maybe just for health reasons there was a report the other day on E news that at this years Grammy Awards, multiple winner Adele wore four sets of Spanx, while at the Golden Globe or SAG awards Actress Octavia Spencer wore three. Now body image aside, what would posess these women to for hours be that uncomfortable starting from the Red Carpet until the final presentation of awards those particular nights? Most people especially women thought we were past the size 2 being of normal size for Women. When you can see their hip bones and clavicles, they need to eat a burger or three. That seems like a mixed message when you have Jennifer Hudson and Janet Jackson along with diet and nutrition and hard work, even Beyonce after childbirth getting back into shape, but because of the miracle of fabric that can transform maybe someone who is full-figured or plus sized is still met with a negative connotation about size. This is just my opinion that still in the eyes of many all flat-stomach, six pack abs, small behind and the best perky breasts money can be are still the norm. And the sad commentary for me is if the reports are true of Adele and M's Spencer almost cutting off circulation to fit into the evening gown for that evening. It still didn't or doesn't take away from the talent they posess once they were able to breathe again. American ingenuity at work again. Hopefully M's Blakely won't outsource jobs.