Craziest Accessories from Paris Fashion Week

Ah, Paris Fashion Week. When it comes to cutting edge fashion, the Parisians never disappoint. Today officially marked the final day of Paris Fashion Week, and while there were some pretty outrageous and avant-garde clothing, it was the accessories that really took the cake. So in honor of Paris Fashion Week, we've rounded up six of our favorite out-there accessories … but be warned, these aren't your average handbags and hats.

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Chanel Hula Hoop Bag

Hands down, this is the most glamorous hula hoop we've ever seen. Sure, it might be a little cumbersome and a little awkward to carry around in a crowded bar, but who cares? It's Chanel.

Celine Feet Shoes

Models at the Celine show wore these freaky nude high heels. Giving ourselves a pedicure is hassle enough, but now we have to paint the faux toenails on our shoes?

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John Galliano Hair Hats

The John Galliano runway show featured a ton of bizarre headwear, but the weirdest were these gray hair hats. Who knew a giant Brillo pad could be so high fashion?

Celine Fuzzy Sandals

Celine definitely took the award for craziest shoes. As if those heels with the toenails weren't weird enough, models also wore these fuzzy Birkenstock-style sandals. Equal parts earthy-crunchy hippie and little old grandma.

Alexander McQueen Honeycomb Hat

The Alexander McQueen show featured the honeycomb pattern throughout, but the real show-stoppers were the honeycomb hats that the models wore. Definitely the most glamorous beekeepers we've ever seen.

Tsumri Chisato Psychedelic Sunglasses

Between the colorful pattern and Cindy Lou Who topknots, things were definitely a little trippy at the Tsumri Chisato show. But our favorite psychedelic accessory? The Elton John-esque circle sunglasses. Very groovy.

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