Crop Tops for Men? They're Here, but We're Not so Sure Why

by Amy Wicks

from left: Astrid Andersen, J.W. Andersonfrom left: Astrid Andersen, J.W. Anderson

Why are crop tops, aimed at men, popping up all over the runways in London? After spotting a few of these at the spring 2014 menswear collections, I think we need to discuss this, um, trend. I can't imagine a large percentage of the male population will be compelled to buy them, but just in case, let's bond together--as women--to make sure this doesn't happen. Should we start an online petition or something?

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The first look came from Astrid Andersen, while the second crop top is from J.W. Anderson. Oh, and speaking of the latter designer, did you weigh in on his navy crop top and culotte shorts, worn by Rooney Mara? Clearly, he's striking a fashion nerve this week!

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But, let's get back to those crop tops. Do they freak you out? Is there a man in your life you could see wearing one of these looks? Is there a Hollywood actor who should go out on a limb and give one of these a shot? Discuss!

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