Crush Alert: The World’s First Dog Male Model

Meet Bodhi.Meet Bhodi, fashion's furriest male model. The three-and-a-half-year-old Shiba Inu is more than another pretty face, he's a menswear model and the star of a new fashion blog.

Menswear Dog was launched by Bhodi's owners Dave Fung, a graphic designer and Yena Kim, a fashion designer.

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"Mensweardog was the result of a lazy Saturday afternoon. We thought it would be fun to dress up Bodhi in [my] menswear clothes," Fung told Yahoo! Shine. "We posted a picture of it on Facebook and the response from our friends and family was unreal."

Since the site went live four days ago, Menswear Dog has received 357,266 hits. Obviously, Bhodi isn't the first dog to dress like a dude. See the wall of your dad's man cave decorated with poker-playing mutts.

Bhodi is like a whole different species. He's a gentleman dog who genuinely looks good in suits. It's not easy to find a male model that is not only beautiful, but possesses the right amount of personality to really sell a look. Bodhi's facial expressions show his incredible range of emotions, everything from "the sheepish cowboy from Austin" to "the Hipster on his first day of work at a major corporation."

To be clear, modeling is just Bhodi's day job. On his time off, Fung says the dog spends his time "never washing his selvage denim, lurking around SoHo for someone to notice his steez (slang for 'style with ease'), and sniffing fine a$$ bitches."

He's also playing fashion advisor on Instragram, offering photo evidence and commentary on "how to wear a chunky shawl collar cardigan."

But there's only so much he can teach boring human male models with your chiseled good looks, you've been warned. There's a new dog in town and he's got two legs up on you.