Curves Are Back! The Best All-Natural Celebrity Bodies

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Move over Victoria Beckham! Implants are out and a real, more natural body is in. More and more celebrities seem to be embracing their natural bodies and standing up for their god-given curves.

Instead of marking an ample derrière or a womanly thigh for liposuction, we see an all-natural trend brewing that says more healthy eating and fitness than disturbingly toned fembot. In honor of our favorite all-natural female stars, we've compiled a list of the celebrity bodies we love.

Kate Winslet

Ask any woman on earth which leading lady has the best natural physique and chances are she'll answer Kate Winslet. Aside from having talent aplenty, the English Rose has an unapologetic confidence for her curvaceous figure, which only makes her all the sexier.

Drew Barrymore

Is it just us or is Drew Barrymore looking better than ever these days? In recent years, the actress-turned-director has definitely slimmed down, but unlike so many extreme Hollywood diets, she did it the healthy and natural way. In the October 2009 issue ofIn Style, Barrymore explains, "I don't have the time or discipline or interest in having a perfect 10 body. I work out, I eat right, but I'll always be a little bit of Jell-O on a pole." Well put Drew - let's face it ladies, some meat on the bones isn't just part of the feminine package, it's the draw!

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Lea Michele

These days, it's almost impossible to turn around without hearing someone singing the praises of the hit show Glee. We admit it's refreshing to finally see something original on the air. But what's even more refreshing is the fact that the show's lead actress isn't some size zero stick figure. Lea Michele is not only equipped with a strong set of pipes, but the 23-year old also brings back a bit of old Hollywood, with her combo of curves and talent. Some girls really do just have it all!

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If there was one person responsible for the curvy body revolution, it would have to be Beyoncé Knowles. After all, once you get a word added to the dictionary because of your body (bootylicious!), then you must have some pretty serious, er, assets. For anyone who is still unsure of the definition, the Oxford English Dictionary defines bootylicious as, "sexually attractive, sexy; shapely." Sounds about right to us.

Katherine Heigl

The former Grey's Anatomy star not only has that feminine girl next door look, but she also has the body to go with it. We love the fact that the actress strives to be an inspiration for young women, telling Now Magazine, "I want young girls to look at me and think, 'That's healthy, that's what I want. She's on television and she looks like me.'" To top it off, Katherine Heigl has been very open about her obsession with food - a girl after our very own hearts.

Jessica Simpson

Poor Jessica has received her share of public scrutiny in the last year or two, but we have to applaud how well she's handled all the criticism. Instead of cowering, Simpson embraced her naturally curvy body. She even went as far as creating a new show, The Price of Beauty, whose aim was to find the definition of beauty around the world. During her Dukes of Hazard days, Jessica Simpson may have been a measly size zero, but we think that at a size six, she is looking healthier than ever these days (and probably all the happier for it).

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Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has definitely come a long way since her American Idol days. An Oscar and 60 pounds lost later, Ms. Hudson is at the top of her career and couldn't look any better. The new Weight Watchers spokeswoman is showing women everywhere that losing weight the healthy way can have a big pay off. If you need anymore proof, then just take a look at the recent photos of the R&B star and her fit yet curvy new body.

Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is one lucky man - or wait, is Jessica Biel one lucky woman? Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that they make one hot twosome. Since her Mary Camden days (7th Heaven anyone?), Biel has become a sex icon to millions of men the world over. A girl that was once known as the reverend's daughter is now known for her athletic and curvy figure. Frankly, her rear end could give a Kardashian sister a run for her money.

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Scarlett Johansson

If Biel is bringing sexy back, we would officially like to credit ScarJo for bringing curvy back. Credited for bringing old school glamour and beauty back to the red carpet, the actress cuts a figure more reminiscent of iconic movie stars like Jean Harlow and Grace Kelly. In a town dominated by overly tan waifs, Scarlett Johansson is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt is another actress whose body has received a lot of negative media scrutiny. The Ghost Whisperer star took to her personal blog to lash out against her critics writing, "To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini - put it on and stay strong." We couldn't agree more Jennifer! No matter what the media says, J. Love must be doing something right because the actress has been turning heads ever since her days on Nineties show Party of Five.

America Ferrera

Ugly Betty may be a thing of the past, but America Ferrera is just getting started. On the recently cancelled series, America may have played the role of an unattractive journalist, but take off the geeky glasses and clashing clothes and what you have is a real woman's silhouette. The actress, who starred in the aptly titled 2002 film Real Women Have Curves, told In Touch Weekly, "For me, it's not about looking like a supermodel - it's about feeling good about who I am naturally."

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has never been accused of being anything but sexy. Even after giving birth to twins, Lopez instantly bounced back and is looking better than ever. You could say that J. Lo and her famous butt paved the way for curvy starlets, like Kim Kardashian. But don't think the 40-year old is losing a step, just check out her recent red carpet turns for proof (see above). After all, this is the woman who's responsible for turning the minuscule bum paired with unnaturally large breasts trend on its head. Men everywhere will forever be in your debt.

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