David Bowie and Female Lookalike Tilda Swinton: Gender-Bending Video Blows Our Minds

For his new music video “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” David Bowie has enlisted the strikingly androgynous actress Tilda Swinton, WHO IS ALSO HIS DOPPELGANGER. For further photographic evidence, see the Tumblr Tilda Stardust, "dedicated to the belief that David Bowie and Tilda Swinton are the same person." It's true: with their insane bone-structure and hummingbird-like metabolisms, Swinton and Bowie look like they've been swimming in the same gene pool.

Twinsies: Tilda Swinton on top and David Bowie below. (Photo: Tilda Stardust)

In the video, Bowie and Swinton play a happily married couple whose world is turned upside down by their rock-star neighbors, played by models Andre Pejic and Saskia de Brauw. In the fashion world, Pejic and de Brauw have made waves by modeling clothing for the opposite gender.

Tune in for this delightfully creepy David Lynchian twinsie love fest extravaganza. 

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