Dear Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: I love you

Peter Kramer/GettyPeter Kramer/GettySeriously, maybe this is wrong because of the whole third-wife-younger-woman thing, but I don't care: I think you're awesome. I can't remember a cooler, prettier, or more badass first lady. I mean, you slept with Jagger. And Clapton. You read Yeats. You play the guitar. Nude pictures of you sell for a bazillion Euros (which is like double bazillion dollars). You recorded a Serge Gainsbourg tribute song that was actually well received. You speak three languages.The outfit you wore to meet the Queen this week? The one with the pillbox hat? The one that's making everyone compare you to Jackie O? Brilliant. I also like your hair, makeup and skin. Keep on keepin on, Madame Sarkozy. I'm psyched for your new life. I'm especially excited to see what you'll wear.