Dear Nike, Women Want More Stylish Sneakers like These

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Etnies Uptown 2.0 Women's Sneakers, $74.99... more 
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Etnies Uptown 2.0 Women's Sneakers, $74.99 less 
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Wed, Jul 31, 2013 5:42 PM EDT
Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis think the gender inequality gap is widening - at least with regards to sneaker designs. The two founded Purple Unicorn Planet, a website featuring Nike kicks that are only made for men (but should be made for women, too). According to the site: "All the best Nike trainers, the good ones ... don't come in women's small sizes." And they're asking, or rather, hashtagging, Nike to #PleaseJustDoIt via Twitter. "It's important to state that this is by no means an attack on Nike," Riis said. "Quite the opposite. It's our call to feet. A shout-out to change it up for the girls - make it easier for us to buy cool trainers." Girls, we hear you. Why do guys get to have all the fun while we're stuck with an array of bulky cross-trainers? In an effort to ease the sole searching, we've scoured for the best that's out there — high tops, low tops, sporty, edgy, and couture in different colors, prints, and fabrics. Consider it proof: girls can be sneaker-heads too.

-- Erika Ostroff, Shine Staff