A Death for a Faimily

Richard Leroy Addis is gone he passed on Sunday July 14th officially at 9:20am . This is a hard week for the Addis family a death 5 days before his grand daughters birth day.

"He suffered for a long time but god called him up . A few days before he said he saw his brother waiting for him, but he waited for his son to come see him. That next day he went to sleep forever he's done a lot for this town of Prescott Valley he was the first mayor of Prescott Valley , he was a sheriff , he was a veteran (he served as a nurse ), he was a husband, father, grand father , and great grand father . He will be remembered and in our prayers . "--------chaisy Addis

He was and always be in the Addis family's hearts though tough or smooth times he will be there for their family.Please send a prayer to the family of Richard Addis.

R.I.P. RICHARD LEROY ADDIS JULY 14th ,2012, AT 9:20 am