Demi Moore defends her W cover photo, says photoshop was not used

Demi Moore uploaded this image to her Twitter, claiming it as the originalDemi Moore uploaded this image to her Twitter, claiming it as the originalYou've probably heard about the latest alleged photoshop scandal involving Demi Moore on the December cover of W magazine. To be honest, with so many photoshop scandals happening in the fashion industry, we're surprised this story has legs. Though it surely doesn't have hips! Here's the deal: Many people have said that besides other slimming alterations, the vertical line of Moore's hip on the right of the photo doesn't match up. We have to admit, it does look kind of off (where did her hip go?), and this surely wouldn't be the first time a magazine altered and botched up an image. But yesterday Demi Moore came to her own defense.

"Here is the original image people my hips were not touched don't let these people bull s--- you!" she said via her Twitter account. She uploaded this photo on the left. Well, it does in fact look virtually identical to the image on the cover of W, but how do we know that that's really the original photo? "I love the pic and can only say I wish I had good lighting like that following me around all day!! Haha," added Moore. As for the weird non-fluid line down her leg, she says, "I have no hips!"

The December issue of W; the Balmain dress from the spring 2010 collectionThe December issue of W; the Balmain dress from the spring 2010 collection While we know Demi keeps herself in amazing shape, especially for her age, there's been speculation for some time that she's lied about having plastic surgery as well. If she would fib about her real body, why wouldn't she deny that airbrushing was done to her body in this photo? Also, when we saw the magazine cover side-by-side with the same Balmain dress on the runway, their waist and hip area looked oddly similar. And seriously, how is 47-year-old naturally devoid of all wrinkles? It does seem like there's some foul play here, but we suppose we'll never know the truth.

It's sort of unusual the way Demi Moore ran to the public to defend her photo and say no airbrushing was done to the image. When we spoke with supermodel Selita Ebanks at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show yesterday, she told us that photos in magazines are photoshopped to death, and that readers should just accept that the images are not real and not try to compare ourselves to the false standards presented. Time and time again, Kate Winslet her gone up to bat against magazines for overly altering her photoshoots. She even got the editor of GQ to admit that photos of her in the magazine were "digitally altered." "The media plays such a big role in how women measure themselves against other women, so I can be in a position where I can say beauty comes from within, we're not all perfect, and the covers of magazines are of course retouched," Winslet told Harper's Bazaar earlier this year. "We do not look like that...I will particularly say when I look at movie posters, 'You guys have airbrushed my forehead. Please can you change it back?'"

What do you think of Demi Moore's photo? Do you think it was altered? Do you think we should accept that airbrushing and photoshopping are now a standard?